Types of Butt Plugs

Whether you have a vast collection of butt plugs with just a few different models, or you’re trying to pick your first butt plug to understand what type you have or want.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of each connection plug type (two-way).

We wrote a lot of guides in blog posts and tested more plugins. You can read our list of the best matchmaking plugins here.

I will categorize the different types of butt plugs into specific categories so that you can browse through them easily.

Let’s start with a lighthearted look at the different butt plugs and their common names:

However, we haven’t quite done the different types of butt plugs.

Attentive people may have noticed that I only use diameter to measure the size of the OG.

If you’ve read our butt plug sizing guide, then you’ll know that widths and lengths are quite different.

If you have the best anal training kits, then you will also know that kits usually contain longer butt plugs and typically incremental plugs.

We use the following terms:

Thick or wide connection plugs are used to describe plugs with large diameter measurements.

Thin, narrow or thin butt plugs are used to describe small plugs for diameter measurements.

Long or deep butt plugs are used to describe long butt plugs with large length measurements.

And only short butt plugs. Usually butt plugs aren’t this long and you won’t see short descriptors in stores or in our anal toy reviews.


In the next section, I’ll briefly describe the different types of docking materials you can choose from (or stumble upon in your collection).

Afterwards, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each method, and battle it out (like “glass butt plugs vs. metal butt plugs”).

Glass Butt Plug – Borosilicate glass, almost impossible to break (don’t try). It can be heated or cooled for an extra touch. It’s hard.

Metal butt plugs – most commonly made of stainless steel. They offer extra hard shells that are perfect for weighted butt plugs.

Silicone butt plug – the most common and safest material for the human body. They have a soft shell, usually a hard core, so you don’t have a completely soft toy on hand.

Away from: TPE pavage, rubber butt, latex pavage (except inflatable, but that’s what I’m talking about).

Glass butt plugs and metal butt plugs

This is a very unlikely decision, as both materials offer one thing in common:

Hardness: Because both materials are hard by default, you get a toy that irritates you more than silicone.

Conclusion: There is no real difference between the materials.

Temperature play: This is the main difference between glass and metal. At first, toys are generally lukewarm to any metal toy. When you first pick up stainless steel, you will most likely find it much colder compared to glass. It also heats up slower than glass. But here’s a bonus: glass heats up, but it dissipates heat faster than a metal butt plug. Conversely, if you cool it, it will heat up faster than the metal version. Verdict: If you like longer games and can use icy toys at first, metal wins. If you want to properly activate the moment you want to pull it out of the drawer, the glass wins.

Safety: It is important to choose the best and safest glass butt plug! Suffice to say, if you choose a safety product from a well-known brand like Icicle, it should be almost as safe as metal. But of course, the glass will shatter. And it’s much easier than metal.

Conclusion: Metal wins

All-weather butt plug for outdoor adventures (wearable butt plug)

I won’t do the type of docking plug here, I recommend you to wear it all day.

First because I’ve never dared to use a wearable butt plug for so long.

But I know some people want to try, maybe you?

If this is the case. Here are some tips on what to pay attention to when plugging your butt all day:

Choose a size smaller than your usual preferred size.

Choose a base that is thin so it doesn’t stretch the rectum. This will also help reduce any pain if you clench suddenly.

If you find it falls out during the day, choose a thicker bulb.

Choose a T-bar socket (more on different shapes and sizes of butt plug sockets later in this article). reason? More comfortable than a round base. in addition! Using a T-bar mount will keep you from getting into danger. Usually with a paired connection worn all day, you’ll start thinking about looking for the smallest possible version of the connection plug on the bottom. That way your butt won’t be so uncomfortable. But you are at greater risk because it keeps floating around in you and may need medical treatment to get it back again. Avoid temptation and risk – opt for a T-butt plug base.

Advanced butt plugs (vibration, rotation, thrust and remote control)

There are a lot of advanced technology butt plugs out there.

So, if you think about it, your options are limited to combinations of different shapes and materials.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite premium butt plugs.

Let’s start simple.